TITAN Careers

What Makes Us Different?

We are selective about who we hire. However, this does not mean that you need to have tons of education or experience. We believe the best employees are the ones who have respect, pride, professionalism, and integrity, our core values. Everything else can be taught. We just ask that you come ready to learn and do your best while incorporating our core values into everything that you do.

We treat you the same way we want you to treat our clients and guests, with our core values: respect, pride, professionalism, and integrity. We value ALL of our employees, period. That is easy to say, but mere words don’t earn trust, actions do, so we prove it by being committed to our employees, investing in our employees, and innovating in how we operate.

We Are Committed To You

We understand that our employees come to us in various stages of life… as a college student, a parent trying to make ends meet, a retiree looking for meaningful work, or someone looking to make a career change. We welcome everyone to join us where you are in life and we will work to earn your loyalty. Our hope is that this isn’t what you are doing until you find something better, but that TITAN is the something better you have been searching for. We are committed to providing you with a supportive and team-focused environment for you to thrive.

We Invest In Your Future

There is not enough public access to quality education and training programs, so we have created TITAN University to provide a platform for training our team members. We will offer a variety of classes that range from CPR Certification to travel agent training, fine dining etiquette, and even personal finance and budgeting classes to help you develop to your full potential professionally and personally. We WANT to see you succeed in all aspects of life!

From “TEMP” To “FLEX”

The phrase “temp workers” is nonexistent in our vocabulary. Our team members are professionals who enjoy “FLEX TIME”. The traditional means of hiring of “temp staff” was flawed because the event or venue management expected that the temp agency would bring qualified, trained staff… but in actuality, they brought whoever they could find for that day/event with little to no training at all. We believe that people WANT to do well and excel in their job, but that can only happen when people are properly trained, the expectations are understood and the staff feels valued. So often the staff, the agency, and the event or venue management would all feel disappointed with the experience. We are mindful of this and flip this experience for everyone involved by properly supporting the people who are most critical to the guest experience… the staff!

“Productive and enjoyable place to work. A cooperative environment between management and staff. Co-workers are enjoyable to work with. Everyone pitching in for the success of the company. The most enjoyable part of the job: The feeling of being a part of a team environment, putting people to work.”

Stephanie W.TITAN Team Member